Flavour the world - Aroma's Lecocq
Flavour the world - Aroma's Lecocq
Flavour the world - Aroma's Lecocq

Flavour the world

Lecocq Flavours makes the world taste great. Our expertise, passion and craftsmanship span the globe, intensifying and refining local flavours. Together, we can create just the right flavouring to entice, amaze and perfect. We flavour the world.

Flavour experts since 1921

Flavour experts since 1921

Variety is the spice of life, and Lecocq Flavours develops and produces a wide range of high-quality flavourings and distillates according to the specific needs of our customers. Together with you, we will devise the ideal solution for your situation. With our combination of unique know-how, a ‘made in Belgium’ attitude and excellent customer service, we do things right – just like we have since 1921. 

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Flavours - Lecocq Flavours


Do you need a hint of fruity strawberry or a rich touch of coffee liqueur? Let Lecocq Flavours help you select just the right flavourings for your product, easily and quickly. Prepare to be amazed by the countless options.

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Made-to-measure flavours

Our R&D team can develop a flavour just for you.

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